AKBLG Convention to be held in Castlegar

April 26-28, 2019

The City of Castlegar is pleased to host the AKBLG Convention and extends a warm welcome to all delegates and sponsors. They invite you to explore their wonderful City and all that it and the area have to offer.

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Pre Convention Workshop: Climate Action Leads to Community Resilience

April 25, 2019 from 1pm to 5pm

Presented By: Columbia Basin Trust

As an elected official, understanding climate change and planning for climate action is part of the new business-as-usual for local governments. This workshop will equip you with knowledge needed to make policy and decisions that will help your community move from coping to thriving in a changing climate.

This 4-hour workshop will address:

  • Context of climate change: How is the climate changing in the Basin/Boundary region? What is the global context?
  • Relevance of climate action: What does climate change mean for municipal operations, economies, community health and the environment?
  • Climate action opportunities: What can your community do to reduce emissions and address vulnerabilities to fire, flood, drought and other risks? Where can you access support?

Registration is OPEN NOW! Deadline to Register is April 15th

Link to Register: ourtrust.org/climateactionworkshop.

Registration for Pre-Convention is directly with Columbia Basin Trust


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