Regional Collaboration Committee Members

Debra Kozak - Councillor, City of Nelson - Chair

Andru McCracken - Mayor, Village of Valemount - Vice Chair

Patricia Cecchini - Mayor, Village of Fruitvale

David Raven - Mayor, City of Revelstoke

Gerry Taft - Mayor, District of Invermere

Cher Wyers - Councillor, City of Grand Forks

Columbia Basin Trust Facilitators

James Umpherson, Manager, Community Initiatives

The Regional Collaboration Committee hosted a "Building Communities Together" session at the 2013 AKBLG conference in the Columbia Valley.

 At this session participants learned about examples of service sharing, and then spent the majority of the session "speed dating" to discover additional opportunities and barriers to sharing services.

This session also promised practical take home tools that will support our members as they look for ways to expand on the services that are being shared.

 This site provides access to these tools in the form of Guidelines, Case Studies, Templates and Examples.

 In the two folders below you will find information that had been collected from around the province and beyond.  We hope that you find this information helpful as you work to enhance the ways that you work with other communities in our region.


Deb Kozak and Andru McCracken

Chair and Vice Chair - AKBLG Regional Collaboration Committee

Example Agreements

Guides, Templates and Case Studies