2024 Resolutions

Please make sure to submit your resolutions for the next AGM

AKBLG Ordinary Resolutions:

  • Resolutions are only accepted from AKBLG member local governments and must have been endorsed by the board or council.
  • Resolutions must be relevant to other local governments within AKBLG rather than specific to a single member government.
  • Each resolution may include a separate backgrounder that is a maximum of 3 pages and specific to a single resolution. The backgrounder may include links to other information sources and reports.
  • Each resolution shall be prepared on a separate sheet of 8 1/2” by 11” paper with the name of the sponsoring member(s) and shall bear a short descriptive title.
  • Each resolution be submitted in a WORD document.
  • All resolutions, along with any supportive background information, shall be sent to the AKBLG office BY 4:00 pm your local business time FEBRUARY 16th, 2024.
  • Resolutions are required to be received by email at resolutions@akblg.ca
  • Receipt of emailed resolutions will be confirmed by return email.
  • Hard copies may be forwarded to:
    c/o 816 Sproat Drive
    Nelson, BC, V1L 7B7

    If choosing to send hard copies by mail, be sure to send by registered mail and confirm receipt.

Resolution Preparation Assistance:

If you have any questions regarding resolution preparation please contact the AKBLG Resolutions Chair, Aidan McLaren-Caux at resolutions@akblg.ca

The AKBLG Resolutions committee will provide advice on proper resolution wording if requested.

Drafting Resolutions

Staff and elected officials are strongly encouraged to follow the UBCM Writing Guidelines. A clear, concise resolution is easier to understand, and this increases the likelihood that the membership will grant it their endorsement. Further, clear resolutions will prompt more direct responses from the provincial or federal government, or relevant organization.

Sample Resolution:

UBCM Sample Resolution

Submission of Resolutions to AKBLG:

Both UBCM and its member local governments have observed that submitting resolutions first to Area Associations results in better quality resolutions overall. UBCM encourages all members to submit resolutions first to Area Associations for consideration. Sponsors should be prepared to introduce their resolutions at the AKBLG Convention floor.


9.4    Resolutions received after the annual submission date and at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Annual General Meeting shall be categorized as:

a.    A Late Resolution, which shall be held over until the next Annual General Meeting; or,

b.    A Special Resolution, defined by the Resolutions Standing Committee as concerning a unique and unforeseen event or circumstance requiring time-sensitive attention and having occurred since the submission deadline.

9.5    A Special Resolution requires a two-thirds vote in support of consideration prior to being introduced onto the floor of the Annual General Meeting, and may only be introduced after all Ordinary Resolutions have been considered or if two-thirds of the Delegates present determine to hear the resolution immediately.

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Provincial responses to the resolutions from the 2022 UBCM Convention are now available. UBCM will follow up with letters to local governments that sponsored resolutions in 2022 to provide the relevant provincial responses to each resolution. Click Here

Resolutions that have been endorsed by the UBCM membership in the past will be noted and eventually have a response noted at UBCM's Resolutions and Responses webpage.