Columbia River Treaty Local Governments Committee

Revising 2013 Recommendations

The BC Columbia River Treaty Local Governments’ Committee prepared Recommendations in December 2013 in response to the Columbia River Treaty-related interests and issues raised by Columbia River Basin residents in Canada. These Recommendations were based on currently-available information. They were submitted to the provincial and federal governments for incorporation into decisions regarding the future of the Columbia River Treaty (CRT). Since then, the Committee has been monitoring the BC, Canadian and U.S. CRT-related processes and has been directly involved when appropriate.

The Committee is updating these recommendations to contribute to the current negotiations to renew the CRT. An UPDATE provides new information on the sections of the 2013 recommendations that we know need to be updated.

We invited comments on all of the recommendations and any new information the Committee should consider before completing the update. We are compiling this input, and the information provided at the CRT community meetings in June. We expect that further research will be needed before we can complete this update.

For more information:

About the Committee - contact the Committee Chair, Linda Worley ( phone 250.693.5500 cell 250.231.1300), Vice Chair Stan Doehle ( 250-529-7500) or the Committee's Executive Director, Cindy Pearce ( 250 837-8505).

Treaty Negotiations

International negotiations to modernize the Columbia River Treaty have been ongoing since the fall of 2018.

For more information and to stay updated on negotiations go to the Provincial CRT webpage.

Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee

The Committee has worked with the Province and BC Hydro to implement a new Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee.  This new Committee is a diverse, Basin-wide group, representing a broad range of perspectives, interests and geography, which will help inform the hydroelectric operations in the Columbia Basin and potential future improvements to the Columbia River Treaty.

Learn more about the Committee at:

Provincial CRT Review Decision and Final Consultation Report

In March, 2014 the Province of BC issued its Columbia River Treaty Review Decision and Public Consultation Report.

Read the  Columbia River Treaty Review BC Decision

Read the Columbia River Treaty Review Public Consultation Report

US Recommendations on the Future of the CRT

The US Entity is also conducting a review on the future of the CRT, and has issued recommendations.

Read the U.S. Recommendations on the Future of the CRT.

Learn more about the US CRT 2014-2024 Review at:

Learn More About the Columbia River Treaty

Columbia Basin Trust's primary role related to the CRT is to be an information source for Basin residents and local governments.

Learn more about the Columbia River Treaty at:

Take a tutorial on your own schedule at:

About the Columbia River Treaty Local Governments' Committee

Elected officials from across the Columbia Basin are working together to help Basin residents and local governments engage in decisions around the future of the Columbia River Treaty (CRT).

The Columbia River Treaty Local Governments' Committee (LG Committee), formed in 2011, will work with Columbia Basin Trust to help ensure Basin residents and elected officials alike increase their knowledge on the CRT. The LG Committee intends to work collaboratively on this important issue with regional MLAs and elected officials in Victoria, as well as regional MPs.

The LG Committee encourages residents to learn about the Columbia River Treaty by exploring this webpage as well as visiting the Province of BC's website.

For more information contact LG Committee Chair or Vice Chair Stan Doehle

Committee Background

Committee Reports